Why Elementus

5 Reasons to Call Elementus

  1. Client Focused
    You, your family and your life goals are the focus of our work
  2. Tax Awareness
    Tax efficiency awareness, beyond accounting services, reduces portfolio volatility and can offer you more “spendable” disposable income than if you were to increase the aggressiveness of an investment plan
  3. Integrated Planning
    Our unique planning approach maximizes the synergies between your personal and corporate finances that significantly reduces taxes and increases wealth
  4. Long Term Perspective 
    Our long-term view relieves stress caused by market fluctuations and events. A ripple caused by a rock thrown in a pond subsides over time
  5. No Cost Consultation
    We feel there should be no pressure on the time we take to build a relationship with you. Therefore, our time invested with you does not result in a bill