Unique Approach

Integrated Wealth Management

Elementus Wealth Management works to unite the pieces of advice your professional team offers to implement a sound financial plan that accumulates, protects and distributes wealth in the most efficient way. Think of it as a long term planning service that brings together all your tax, retirement, estate, investment and insurance needs.

Wealth Accumulation

Depending on your timeline and risk tolerance, wealth accumulation with Elementus Wealth Management involves strategies for saving and investing while reducing taxes. Whether you are saving for a home, getting prepared to make a major capital purchase in your business, or planning to invest in order to achieve the lifestyle important to you, we can add value.

Wealth Protection

Wealth protection involves strategically using financial tools to maintain your lifestyle, protect the things and people you care about, and your nest egg. You are the greatest asset in your family’s financial plan.

Wealth Distribution

What are you going to do with the money that you can’t spend in your lifetime? Wealth distribution involves estate or succession planning to help ensure the money that you worked hard to accumulate and protect goes to family or your favourite charity instead of being lost to taxes.